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ARTIST NAME: Randi Johns

Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Randi Johns works primarly in acrylic and mixed media. Her style is self-described as eclectic, because she takes delight in exploring everything; from non-objective to representational art. The common denominator is the word colorful. She is impartial to large formats, due to the impact they create. Randi tends to gravitate toward work that portrays her surroundings in the mountains of the Northern part of South Carolina. Of all the influences in her work, the most powerful is likely the use of color and abstraction. She rarely paints the physical reality in front of her, but it may insprire a concept, and idea, or a response which usually evolves around the notion of what if?... Only in art and the imagination are we free to explore the hypothetical. Randi uses color, not as a description of reality, but as an emotive interpretation of her responses to reality. Thus trees may well be red and bushes can possibly be periwinkle blue.

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