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ARTIST NAME: Lori Holloway

Lori Holloway was born in St. Thomas and moved numerous times with her parents before her dad retired in Florida. She went to college in North Carolina and then lived for a short time in Savannah, Georgia. She and her husband settled in Greenwood, South Carolina where their daughter, Annie, was born. Lori is a lampwork artist and jewelry designer. She lets the glass guide her through the overall process of creating each bead. She then assembles the actual jewelry pieces the same way, letting the beads guide the direction of the design. When she first started creating jewelry, she used mostly sterling silver findings and beading wire. She still uses sterling but she has started adding rich patinated copper to her work. She creates some of her own findings using wire and copper sheeting which she hammers, etches, and forms with heat. Some of her pieces have a very refined look, while others take on a more organic and rustic style.

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