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When most people see a woodpile, they probably just see a pile of firewood. When woodturners see a woodpile, they begin to visualize the endless possiblilities of works of art; from large functional bowls and platters, to small decorative ornaments. Hal Taylor has enjoyed working and playing with wood for as long as he can remember. His woodturning interest started about twenty years ago, but his real turning education began about ten yers ago by taking classes from world class turners, attending seminars, and associating with other turners. The finishing of a well turned object is as important to Hal as the creating itself. Each piece of wood he works with is different and each turned piece is unique. Hal particularly likes working on hollow forms and thin walled vessels and embellishing those pieces utilizing carving, texturing, pyrography, piercing, and coloring which makes his pieces special. Prior to woodworking Hal was the laboratory director of the Greenwood Genetics Center.

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